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1.What is ITO GLASS?
A. ITO GLASS is electric glass with plate lithia on the surface, we produce LCD panel with two kinds of ITO glass like 350*300mm,14*16 inch.
2.Can we produce LCD panel with cutting angle or drilling?
(1) We can make angle cutting panel, at most cutting four angles.
(2) We have three sets LCD drilling equipments.
3. What is Color Printing?
A.It means that the LCD panel is printed with color ink. Usually it has 3 kinds of ways as below:
(1) Printing on the polarizer.
(2) Printing in the back of LCD.
(3) Printing in the inner of glass.
4.What's kinds of Pitch with Pin?
A.Four kinds of Pitch with Pin like 2.54mm,2.0mm,1.8mm & 1.5mm, and the tolerance is \0.2 with 90 angle PINs. We must make the angle instrument if you want other angles, but the tolerance is \0.5.
5.What's the function of polarizer?
A. The polarizer decides the direction of the light's vibration, the light can pass the polarizer in special ways.
The best transmissive rate of polarizer is P2>P3>P1>P0.
6.Which kinds of color of polarizer slide?
A.Upper side: (1)natural grey (2)blue (3)green (4)golden (5)orange
B.Back side: (1)natural grey (2)purple (3)yellow (4)red
7.What's the difference for TN, HTN, STN & FSTN in display and characters?





Viewing angle






Light grey
Yellow/Green mask
Gray mask
Blue/White mask
Hoariness or Light yellow

Response time


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